Kevan Swanberg

Quicken Loans

July 12, 2020

Full stack Software Engineer

I am working on team responsible for Mortgage Origination.

API migration: My team is working on upgrading existing ASP.NET projects and migrating them into AWS. Using C#, Terraform, Docker, RDS, ECS.

Admin Panel: A front end angular application that allows engineers to manage origination process at a low level. Includes a middle-layer API in typescript/node/express to tie together calls from many different services.

Interactions LLC

Jan. 2, 2019 - July 1, 2020

Full stack Software Engineer

At Interactions I worked on 2 products. A Chat-Bot that lives on a customers web site that their customers can interact with to receive answers and fix issues, and an online social monitoring tool for brands to discover and interact with people talking about them.


Event reporting API. As part of the Chat-Bot project metrics needed to be displayed that gave the customer and us an understanding of how the bot was doing, and how the support agents were handling cases the bot couldn't handle. This were originally built on the fly but that quickly became to cumbersome as our schema wasn't designed to do these types of collections. For this we wrote a event-gathering job that runs periodically, stored the meaningful metrics as events in MongoDB in a way that was easier to query.

Client API refactor. The Chat-Bot includes a widget that is placed on the customer page. The installation the client needed to include a JavaScript source that we provided and add a HTML tag to their page. This was great for a simple integration but didn't provide any programmatic control over the widget. I designed and interface and installation procedures so the widget could be placed in the page with JavaScript and allowed for some basic controls, open, close, send message, and respond to events that were sent from our server.

Search. The Social Monitoring tool includes a search engine to find posts that match certain criteria. Our original solution was developed in house, and while it had a lot of features it wasn't very maintainable and had serious performance issues. After looking at what features our clients were using we decided it would be worth our time to switch to something more proven in Elasticsearch. I built out a document structure, developed a method to stream our posts into the data store efficiently and worked with others to build out the query API.


July 24, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2018

Full Stack Software Engineer

Tentrr is a double sided marketplace that connects urban campers with rural landowners to provide a easy way to go camping. I worked on the website providing customers a way to find a place to camp, manage and pay for their trips, and campsite owners a way to get in our site creation pipeline and manage their campers.


Search. Originally there was a naive search based solely on map location. We wanted to update this to include neighboring towns and campsite names. I developed a solution using Elasticsearch to filter campsites, suggest towns and activities that the customers could search by.

Rewrite and Redesign. The main pages of our site were looking a little rusty and not as dynamic as we would like them to be. We decided to rewrite and use GraphQL on our back-end and continue with React on the front. I used Graphene-Django to build the GraphQL API discovering it was very nice for writing an API that pulls information from other sources. We used Apollo client for React on the front and and also found it's features to be great in creating the front end

May 1, 2013 - July 16, 2017

Full Stack Software Engineer. was a double sided marketplace for small businesses to get leads and message potential customers.



Used Elasticsearch and Django Haystack to create a search feature that indexed the service providers and allowed for searching of them through the UI.


Integrated a payment solution using a banking API to accept payments for services provided on the APP. Stored tokenized card information and handled security.


Real-time chat feature allowing customers and service providers to send messages and pictures. REST API based with pusher/websockets for pushing data to the currently connected clients, and APNS/GCM for pushing data to mobile clients that weren't connected.

EKK inc

May 1, 2011 - May 1, 2013

Software development Intern

EKK is a casting simulation company that provides consulting and a software sweet allowing manufacturers to simulate their die processes before creating them.


Error Wizard. There are a lot of fields and options that die cast modelers need to be able to fill out and keep track of when creating their model. This was a multi page form in a C application using GTK, whose error handling UX wasn't clear. We wanted something to go validate things were totally filled out once they were done. The wizard was a dialog that went through all the options and highlighted mistakes at once the user has indicated they were finished.

Multi process management.


Motorcycling, Hiking, Camping, Hockey, Economics